Routes to Port Dickson (Peta) 2000

General route

No matter where you are, first get yourself on the PLUS North-South Highway.
Exit from the highway at the Port Dickson Exit.
Follow road sign and go heading to Port Dickson.
After about 2km exit from PLUS highway, you will be on the Seremban Port Dickson Highway (SPDH).
You will be paying RM3.20 at the toll plaza when entering the SPDH.
You may then refer and follow the above route map.


If you are coming from KLIA, you should first find the way to Sepang. Sepang is about 20 km from KLIA.
When you arrive at Sepang, you actually arrive at a T junction, turn left heading to Port Dickson.
After about 20 km, you will arrive at another T junction at Lukut Town.
At this point, you may refer to the above route map.

Port Dickson town on Google Maps

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