Photo Gallery 2002

(Jun 14, 2002) A shot of sunset at Mile 4 beach where some fishermen anchored their fishing boats. The sun set at about 7:00pm to 7:30pm everyday.

(Apr 18, 2002) A view at the fishermen's village at Kuala Lukut. In older days, there were small boats taking passengers between two river banks, shortening the travel distance between Bukit Pelandok and Port Dickson city.

(Apr 18, 2002) A view of a chinese temple at Pasir Panjang. It seems sitting right at the centre of the road, be careful when you drive from Port Dickson town. Pasir Panjang is about 25 km away from Port Dickson city.

(Feb 21, 2002) A slight turn to the right.... Port Dickson town is on the horizon, viewed from Blue Lagoon beach. Blue Lagoon is well known of its clearest water among beaches of Port Dickson.

(Feb 21, 2002) The calm and clear water at the beach of Blue Lagoon during low tide. Blue Lagoon is 16 km away from Port Dickson town.

(Feb 2, 2002) The lighthouse located at Rachado Cape. It has been an important sea-marks since a century ago.

(Feb 2, 2002) Lukut Fort and Museum located at Lukut town, about 8 km away from Port Dickson town.

(Jan 3, 2002) A grass plantation located at 6th mile off Jalan Seremban, the road from Port Dickson to Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan. See carefully and you may notice the high voltage cables running through the field.