Photo Gallery 2009

(Jun 06, 2009) Pantai Saujana in Batu 4, Jalan Pantai. One of the most crowded beach in Port Dickson during weekend. There is a Pasar Malam site and a Petronas Petrol Station here. iXXora Villa is just 5 minutes-walk from here!

(Jun 06, 2009) The PD Walk near Oceanic Shopping Mall.

(Jun 06, 2009) The Oceanic Shopping Mall, the oldest shopping mall in Port Dickson. It was started as Oceanic Supermarket in 1982. PD Walk on the right was built and commenced business in 2008. The Store Supermarket and other outlets including a bowling center are within the Oceanic Shopping Mall.

(Jun 06, 2009) The Billion shopping centre at Port Dickson Central Point.

(Jun 06, 2009) The Port Dickson Central Point, started with the first shoplot, KFC, ended with Billion shopping centre. This was built on a sea-reclaimed land.

(Jun 06, 2009) The main street of Port Dickson town. The last shoplot is the oldest bank in Port Dickson, Standard Chartered Bank.

(Jun 06, 2009) Side view of Port Dickson Bus Terminal. It is a 3-storey building. 1st floor is where the food court is. Government offices are in 2nd floor. Post Office is on the left now.

(Jun 06, 2009) Port Dickson Bus Terminal. The building on the right is the Post Office. AmBank is on the left.

(Jun 06, 2009) The Lukut T-Junction. When you are coming from KLIA, you will come to this junction, where you can see cemetry on your left. You TURN RIGHT here to Port Dickson town, or TURN LEFT to take another highway to by-pass Port Dickson town in order to get to Telok Kemang and other beaches in Jalan Pantai.

(Jun 06, 2009) Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tanah Merah Site C, located at Jalan Lukut-Sepang, the road between Lukut and Sepang.

(Jun 06, 2009) The Dragon Fruit's Park near Tananh Merah Site A.

(Jun 06, 2009) The Dragon Fruits are planted by many farmers around Bukit Pelandok. Plantations like this may be found along the way to Port Dickson, before Bukit Pelandok.

(Jun 06, 2009) A number of stalls selling Dragon Fruits can be found along the way from Sungai Pelek to Port Dickson, especially before the junction to Bukit Pelandok. This stall was near Tanah Merah Sita A, about 1 km away from the border.

(Jun 06, 2009) The Sepang T-Junction! You will come to this junction when you come from KLIA, Salak Tinggi or the coast way from Tanjung Sepat. This photo was taken on the way from KLIA. Note there is a Shell Petrol Station on the right and a signboard at the juction, showing you TURN LEFT to Port Dickson.

(May 03, 2009) Benteng Malam before dark, near Jabatan Laut office, behind the Standard Chartered Bank, nice Malaysian food here at night!