How to identify a possible scammer?

We have heard a lot of scam cases, where customers loss their monies paying to fake agents or homestay owners. Being a truthful agent for a decade, we think it is necessary to highlight some certain ways to identify a possible scammer.

You are most likely dealing with a scammer, who claims to be an agent or owner of a homestay, when he/she meets the following criteria:

The offer sounds too good to be true

A bungalow with pool, many rooms, BBQ pitts, TV, Astro, WiFi, by the beach, and for rent below RM1000 ? Be suspicious!

Very Friendly

Yes, scammer wants your money, they would try to be very nice with you and to convince you to deal with him/her.

No Official Website

He/She advertises in Mudah or Facebook, but do not have an official website to represent his/her business.

Not Found on Google

Since he/she doesn't have an official website, you will not be able to find them on Google. A valid homestay operator/ agent will have a lot of traces found on Google.

No Business Account

Since he/she doesn't register his/her business with SSM, he/she will not be able to open a bank account with a valid business name. He/she can only use a personal name to open a bank account.

No Referral

Scammer doesn't have any referral. Would your friend recommend a scammer to you? Certainly not. Always be suspicious over an agent without any referral.

We sincerely hope you are enjoying your holiday instead of being victim of scams.

Please, Play safe.