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T Sivabalan K Thavarajah
Food was served fast, taste was good esp the sotong dish and durian ice cream was excellent ... Jun 6, 2019

James Roshan
Very cooling, open space restaurant with a fantastic satay place and ice cream shop. Food is delightful and tasty, servers are very polite. ... Jun 2, 2019

Cheow Mong Chan
Overall quite tasty. Fish was only half, but shld be what was quoted abt 800g. Pricing was ok. 218 ringgit for 7 dishes. Menu came with prices so its clear and transparent. Salted egg squid and oyster egg was best imo.

Yeong Lok
Nice seafood. Good location near hibiscus hotel by car

Timmy Chan
Probably one of the biggest n best seafood restaurant in Port Dickson. Quite large with about 25 to 30 tables. However food is slow in coming which is the norm in small towns especially if u r the late arrivals after the main crowd has made their orders n awaiting their dishes to be cooked. Good variety of seafood with various type of cooking to choose from the menu. Price is quite reasonable.

Chloe Ong
Great seafood at reasonable prices. Ice cream stall that opens during weekends are really good, not t9 be missed!

Woelly William
The food is good and the price is really reasonable. Waiting time is a little longer than expected. While we were waiting for our food the waitress tried to sell us other stuffs like cookies or ice cream or rambutan just to fill up the waiting time.

Steve Swinbanks
Good food and quick service. Not bad at all. Black pepper crabs excellent. Standard fried rice very good too. Used as regular Chinese eatery, so if the locals like it, it must be OK. Several tourist buses also use it as well.

Kim Chan
Don't go for the ambience, unless you are looking for old Chinese restaurants of the yesteryear :) pretty good quality food based on the salted egg squids and butter craps we had. Omelette came with the workhei that Chinese patrons will put their thumbs up for.

Howard Hong
Great and cheap seafood. Very suitable for family.

Kek Keong Choong
Friendly waiters. Good service. Delicious Chinese sea food....a homemade icecream is just outside the restaurant. You may want to try....best of all icecream tasted so far.....

Thurein Winhtut
Not very expensive nice taste..good ice cream nearby

Jeffrey Yip
Food OK and the Staff is friendly. After food can have Cocomoo fresh durian ice cream dessert just outside the restaurant...nice

Wild Goose
Good for seafood. Friendly staff. Got usual and aircond seating. Aircond usually full. Nobody seem to be smoking. Finding location with waze is easy. Ample parking. Crowded during lunch and dinner. Menu wide variety of choices. Waiting time before food served cause nearly full house. Mostly chinese crowd plus aome indian family. Not suitable for single person eat out.

Kevin Thomas
Food was really good. No complaints. Recommended. Should try the durian and coconut ice cream sold by an aunty just at the entrance of the restaurant, simply delicious, soft and creamy.

Shawn Wong
Food was tasty. We order fried fish, lemon chicken, cereal prawn, 2 veggies, steam eggs, etc. kids also like it. Remember to try out the ice cream stall. We love the chocolate and lychee ice cream. Cost RM$200 for 5 adults and 4 kids.


We cook seafood long before we founded this Seafood Village since 1995. We are very near to the following hotels, resorts, vacation homes or homestays, if you are staying there now.

Thistle Hotel

(drive 2 minutes)

Seri Bulan Condo

(drive 4 minutes)

Lexis Hibiscus

(drive 5 minutes)


(drive 5 minutes)

We are also very near from the following Places of Interest:

Pantai Sri Purnama

(walk 10 minutes)

Pantai Tg Biru

(drive 5 minutes)

Pantai Cermin

(drive 5 minutes)

Pantai Teluk Kemang

(drive 5 minutes)

Gate to Cape Rachado

(drive 6 minutes)

Pantai Dickson

(drive 9 minutes)

Pantai Cahaya Negeri

(drive 11 minutes)

Pasir Panjang

(drive 11 minutes)


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